Sunday, April 1, 2012


Re: My day of snowboarding in Davos

  1. Approaching strangers at the train station, looking for someone to share a 2-for-one deal with me.
  2. Apologising in advance to the Italian skier on the lift with me if I took him out.
  3. Falling off the t-bar. Walk / snowboard of shame back down to the bottom.
  4. Falling off the t-bar again. Walk / snowboard of shame again.
  5. Friendly German man rides the t-bar with me and gets me up safely. We have a disjointed conversation half english, half german. 
  6. The run of DOOM which goes FOREVER but is still fun. 
  7. Slushy snow in the afternoon.. 
  8. A blissful kitkat moment.
  9. Cold beer before the train home. 
  10. Really, really sore ass. Egg on the knee.
Have you ever seen a confident yet inexperienced person pick up a lit fire-twirling stick and have a go? For a second any natural ability they might have might make it seem like they know what they're doing.. But their reckless handling of it quickly makes it obvious that they don't. 

I suspect that describes me when I'm snowboarding.. I can't tell. Maybe I'm actually just really awesome at it.