Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I'm sitting with my back to the fireplace, a warm cup of coffee steaming by my side and fluffy white snow falling silently outside. I am still not used to snow not making a sound as it falls.. It just kind of creeps up while you're asleep and gathers in little clumps on the ground, on the roof tops, on the branches of the trees..

It's funny how some days you can wake up feeling so positive and thankful and other days wake up so grumpy and irritated by everything. I suppose there is a chemical reason for that? I wonder what it is.. I feel positive and thankful today though :) 

This Sunday I head over to London for a week to hangout with my friend Rach! I'm really excited about that. Except for being a bit broke.. But I will have enough for food and I will have a place to stay.. I will have my camera and the company of a friend so it will be great!

Question: Why do animals sometimes act altruistically?

I'm halfway through listening to this Radiolab episode which asks the question: If natural selection is about ensuring your own survival, why do we see some animals sacrificing themselves for others? 

I haven't finished it yet.. It's interesting so far though. Taya and I were listening to it before and she was asking a lot of questions :) It was cool! We were also talking last night about the Big Bang and I was trying to explain why I believed the theory and why I think it doesn't have to mean that the Bible is wrong about where stuff came from. The funny thing about kids though is that they kind of get bored halfway through your explanation and just decide not to worry about it any more. Which was a relief for me because I don't know if I was making any sense..