Thursday, September 4, 2008

Im in a park under a tree. I've been here so long not only is my bum numb but most of my back. I'm scared that when i try to stand up i will fall over! Here goes..

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

My therapist cancelled our appointment so I bought a guitar instead...

And I sat in the park playing it. I was singing Amazing Grace when a middle-aged man came and sat nearby and started talking to me.
'....I think life is about more than following a man.. Just a man. I don't think he was God. He was just a man. I think life is a bit more mysterious than that.'
'Jesus was pretty mysterious'
'He said some pretty mysterious things...'
'Like what?'
'"I am the bread of life." I mean.. what does that mean??'
'Well he was just a man......' And he changed the subject.

Then, as I walked back towards Davids office a saw these two guys standing on the street. One was handing out small white booklets, the other was speaking to the space in front of him at a level barely audible. I heard the occasional word. 'Sinner', '..who came to..', 'saviour'
I took one of the little books and I flicked through it. Then I gave it back to the speaking man. 'You know him already?' he said almost tonelessly, cutting off his monologue mid-word and looking at me. I nodded and replied 'just interested to see what the book said.' He replied in a louder voice 'God Bless you! God bless you!' and then continued talking to the Main Street of Orange, without taking a breathe.