Thursday, August 7, 2008

urban arctic

I set out 2 hours ago on what I thought would be a quick trip down the street to get a couple of things scanned. The place I was looking for was a little further than I thought. 'No worrys.. I'll just be a little late back.' After another 15 minutes of walking I stop and look around. 'Where am I anyway?' I ask a man on the street. I'm supposed to be one street over. It starts to rain. A little worried about the stuff I've got to get scanned getting wet, I try my best to tuck it into my jacket.
As I walk I imagine terrible senarios - the wind blows it out of my hands into a puddle, the rain soaks thouh my jacket- and I have to explain to someone how I accidently ruined the artwork entrusted to my care. The jacket scenario is most likely. It gives little protection but theres not a lot I can do about it.
I'm on the right street now but I cant find this place. I duck into a coffee shop to ask to use their yellow pages. Standing awkwardly in line quite obviosly much wetter then everybody else there. A man gives me his spot in the cue. I also order a flat white. The chick asks for my money and I spend a while fishing around for my wallet only to find that I have no money. 'Can I still use the yellow pages?' No.. Turns out they dont have one after all. They do point out that there is a post office over the road and I can find a yellow pages there. Didn't notice that before.. Maybe I was just a little too happy for an excuse to buy a coffee. I'd left the office onthis adventure before the coffee I ordered had arrived. It would be cold by now.
After finding the right address I start on what I'm not sure is the right direction. The rain changes to hail. I start laughing to myself about how ridiculous this is becoming. I am getting really, really wet. Little piles of hail sit on my shoulders. I think there could be mud inside my shos.
I keep walking untill 15 minutes later I find the place. I push my way past the glass door, smudging it a bit and finally arrive in the warm office. I stand there stupidly, clutching the precious pictures still inside my wet jacket, dripping and sniffling. The receptionist just stares at me and I hear someone in another room say ''Oo shes drenched!". A man comes out and looks at me like I'm an alien. "I got lost" I say to him for some reason and begin to distract myself by looking at the decorations of the office. Theres a selection of cheesy posters that say things like 'Dont worry, be happy'. Im surprised not to see a picture of a kitten holding for dear life onto a piece of rope with the words 'Hang in there' underneath. The receptionist and the man, bald, tall and looking pretty 80's, stop studying me after a while and I finally ask them about scanning the pictures. Turns out they're not what I was looking for. I'm beyond caring at this point, so I just smile and leave.
I make it halfway back to the office when it starts snowing.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


I'm going to attempt to do my Tax today...