Tuesday, March 27, 2012


All of us got sick at some point or another this week. I actually lay in bed ALL DAY on Friday. I felt so gross but it was also just sort of nice being snuggled up all day. Anybody seen Firefly? I watched about a billion episodes while bedridden. I still don't know what I think about it. You know when something is kind of so ridiculous that it's kind of good?

Anyway, yesterday Abby and Georgia had more ski races so we all went to watch. I discovered that Nat's snowboots while very waterproof have BUGGER ALL GRIP. So I had a great time trying to walk across the steep ski-fields to where the race was. I secretly liked it though. Those girls were amazing! I mean all the kids were but I liked Abby and Georgia the best. Georgia came 1st in her age group! She was pretty happy about that. They were doing slalom.. So cool. I'd have no chance of doing it.

I was sitting at some little tables up on top of the mountain and taking in the views and enjoying the warm sun and just thinking.. "This is friggin ridiculous!" I feel really lucky to be here doing this stuff :) I like that it's work & play mixed in together. I think if it was all play I would go a bit crazy.

I had a bit of a moment earlier this week thinking about parents.. I was thinking "How can it be that I am inevitably going to be a part of stuffing up my kids - before they're even born! That hardly seems fair!" Because I'm sure not perfect, and even though I might be trying my best I'm going to make mistakes.. And the things I do - good and bad - are going to affect my kids for the rest of their life.

If you're looking for a worthwhile reason to make sure you're becoming the best person you can be, there it is.

Today I have been trying to figure out how to make the perfect rice.

Anyway here are some photos:

Me after 20 minutes of skiing

Taya can ride a unicycle quite well!!

Abby can go upside down quite well!

The general vibe of the race day in Davos

Me being cool

My arms have grown freakishly long since I left


Sooo nice

Georgia being amazing at skiing

Another picture of me.. (sorry)


Kathrzn Bahn said...

I love your photos. I love the Crichton girls. I'm glad my parents stuffed me up and i'm glad your kids will get to be stuffed up by you (they're lucky!)