Friday, November 27, 2009

A letter to all concerned citizens..

To whom it may concern,

I didn't end up driving the Celica to Newcastle. My parents insisted I drive their much more reliable and N.R.M.A assistance covered car. Which I did.

Yours safely and in Newcastle in one piece,

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A letter to Kylie

Dear Kylie,

Today I tried to call N.R.M.A to find out 1. If your car's membership was all good 2. Who's name it is under because I can't remember.

I was doing this because I have to attempt to drive it to Newcastle tomorrow and.. I'm scared of dying on the side of the road.

The conversation with the lady at the N.R.M.A went something like this:
Lady: Hello, N.R.M.A how can I help you?
Me: "Hi, I'm just calling to see if my N.R.M.A membership is all up to date and good?
Lady: Sure thing! Whats your membership number?
Me: Ah yeah it's (insert number here)
Lady: Great. So this is Kylie?
Me: .......... *delay* ..... Yes.. This is Kylie.
Lady: O.k.. So just to confirm. Whats your full name, date of birth and address?
Me: Yep it's (insert Kylie's full name here). My date of birth is.. Is.. *delay* (Oh crap when is Kylie's birthday?!) *more delay* (What do I do! She's going to know I'm a fraud!) ............ Oh! Oh No! My phone is going crazy! What the? *I hang up. Click, beep beep beep beep*

I'm a fraud! And a liar! And a bad actor!

Anyway.. I've since contacted your Mum who is going to impersonate you for me. Hopefully she knows your birthday :)

I washed the car today too. I'm telling myself that is going to make it run well.

Don't get the wrong idea. It IS running well. Generally. Except for that rattling noise.

I just thought you would appreciate an update on your beloved car. It misses you.

Yours faithfully

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Dear Jesus,

It's funny to write a letter to you. It's funny all the different things people tell me about you. Julie said I could ask you to show me where in the room you were... And I did it and it seemed like you were near the door. Then I asked you to come and stand near me and I felt like you were standing on the right hand side of me. I've done this a few times since. I guess I'm still not sure if it's my imagination or what. I don't doubt you're here.. But I guess I just don't know enough about you to know if you work that way. Maybe you do for some people because that's what they connect with.

Other people tell me you're absolutely everywhere.. Are you inside my stomach? Inside my skin? Even in my hair?

People talk about the Spirit living within us... That is so mysterious to me. I still don't feel like I know what that means exactly. I wish I could see a picture of my 'spirit'. Does everything have a Spirit? Do I even have a spirit?

Heart, Soul, Mind.. Spirit..

I think you're very mysterious. You confuse me. But I also think you're very good. You've certainly done good things for me. And I've seen you do good things for lots of other people..

I'd like to know you more. Know what makes you tic, what makes you laugh and feel sad and everything. I want to know what you think about me. And I'd like to know what you think of everybody else. Then I want to feel the same way you do about me and about everybody else. I'd like to think like you.

I can say now that I love you. I didn't think I'd ever be able to say it. I used to feel guilty that I didn't feel like I could honestly say it. I fail at loving you practically... But I'm trying and I want to keep trying harder.

Thank you for this mysterious life.


Monday, November 16, 2009

you are the blood..

You are the blood flowing through my fingers all through the soil and up in those trees You are electricity and you're light You are sound itself and you are flight You are the blood flowing through my fingers All through the soil and up in those trees You are electricity and you're light You are sound itself and you are flight You are the blood flowing through my fingers All through the soil and up in those trees You are the blood flowing through my fingers You are the blood that I may see you that I may see you You are the blood in me You are the earth on which I travel on which I travel You are the earth under my feet That I may travel that I may travel with you you are the earth on which I write the circumstances you say what you want from me you are the solitude that goes against me that goes against me you are the choir in which I dream in which I sleep in which I wander.....

Sunday, November 15, 2009


Today I:
- got bitten on the head by a man with big teeth
- iced an extremely large birthday cake. This included little penguins made out of edible icing!
- swam in the river in my clothes
- swam in the pool in my swimmers
- weeded for 1.5 hours, covering an area of approximately 2 square metres
- clipped my rats toe-nails - until she noticed I was doing it and ran away
- played 'Spaceboy' by The Smashing Pumpkins on my guitar
- Talked briefly with someone about what Jesus being the Son of God actually MEANS. (Any idea's people?)
- made a small speech at a birthday party
- made a large mess on my bedroom floor
- consumed approximately three standard alcoholic drinks
- was chased by horses 8 times
- found out what my body mass index is

In other news, I HAVE 8 ASSIGNMENTS TO GO! Which I am very happy about. I mean, it should be one or two.. But.. all considering I'm pretty happy that it's only 8. I CAN DO IT! Prizes for the person who can invent the best study incentive ever!

How are you?