Friday, April 1, 2011

Working at/on/with the state election

Last Saturday was our state election. I worked on the day at one of the polling places...

The experience could be encapsulated by this picture--

Highlights of the day included:
- Finding amusing last names on the electoral role such as 'Squelch' and 'Butt'
- Listening to my fellow employee comment on various voters ideal romantic partners based on their date of birth and star sign.
- Organsing voting forms into Random Above the Line, Single Above the Line, Random Below the Line, Single Below the line and other such fun categories 8|
- Eating a hunk of greasy Henny Penny chicken at the end of the day.

Ahh it wasn't all that bad. Just a bit boring because out polling place was so quiet.
Thanks government for giving me $300ish to sit on my butt all day!