Thursday, April 5, 2012

on my mind

Here are the things tumbling around in my mind.. Like a big load of sudsy washing in my brain-machine. 

Where is the cat? Is he ok? How do I pack snowboard boots? They're huge! I ate too much asparagus. How will I know when to switch from a train to a bus tomorrow? I need to borrow that phone from Nick. How much is it to send an sms here? I hope my Citybank letter arrives soon. What about visa? Will I get a fine? How much money will this weekend cost? What is it to live in the spirit? Are wrist tattoo's really a lesbian thing? I hope my washing dries before tomorrow morning. Will there be food on the train? Will the snow be any good at saas-fee? Will I get on with Kylies friends? I'm I going to get my period while snowboarding? Do I have pain killers? What will I do if I lose my painkillers? I mustn't forget to clean up my room before I go. Don't forget the garbage. I should have used less water when I stewed those apples. Am I keeping the place clean enough? Where is the cat? Is he ok? How do I pack........

And so on and so forth.. I realised I was doing it before and made me laugh.