Monday, April 30, 2012

Parts of my conversation with the border security lady at Gatwick airport went something like this:
Lady: and where are you staying while in London?
Me: with some people I found on the Internet
Lady: and what's their address?
Me: I don't know..
Lady pauses for a while
Lady: and when do you fly out?
Me: next Sunday
Lady: can I see your return ticket?
Me: *genuinely confused* um.. No.. It's all on the internet.. Um..
Lady pauses for a while again. A sigh.
Lady: do you know the name of the people with whom you are staying?
Me: umm.. I think her name is Eve???

Long story short I got a (very kindly done) schooling on what I have to BRING WITH ME next time I fly.. I must have looked innocently bewildered enough that the nice lady took pity on me and let me into her country.. Nice lady..

Then there was some fun trying to locate my lift! An exercise which was complicated by my phone running out of credit.

But alls well that ends well and I ate a kebab and got to chill out in a really cool Victorian style house. The hosts are really friendly and very helpful.

That's all for now. Cheerio!


Gilbert Ariel said...

haha. that border security lady didn't know what was coming!
hope you have a wonderful London full!

jazzyk said...

what a relief she let you in tho!! I've been there before.. inventing hotel reservations is generally my go-to.
"yeah.. surely they have a Marriott there.." haha

Joanna Hayes said...

Tee hee hee :-)

Subconscious version:

Lady: oh my god! Why did the baby boomers breed??!!! Look what happened!!!

Hannah: I'm trying to understand why the nice Lady seems concerned. It is perfectly normal for it all to be on the internets.

Lady: she is cute and bewildered though. A pretty tough recruit for Al Qaeda.

Hannah: I wonder if they have a comfy interrogation room at this airport, where maybe, I can get a kebab?