Thursday, September 23, 2010

har har har har

Hehe.. Sorry I just think this is so funny..

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I am doing a Print Making course at the moment.. It's all pretty new to me, but I really like it! Here is some of the stuff I've done.



Screen Print

Up next is etching! w00!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Purple Monster

Here is an assignment I'm working on. It's a website..I just spent ages figuring out how its going to look. Now I have to come up with information to put in it *bleh* That is the annoying part.

The basic idea (sort of.. I haven't really figured it out. I've just been having fun with the visuals..) is the 'purple monster' being the recycling bin (In a pretend world where they are purple? Mine sure isn't purple..) with info about what to recycle. And then I will talk about Glass and Plastic and which is 'better' for the environment. Of course they're both good, but which one uses more energy to produce and recycle and ra ra ra ra ra.. I have to pick a side.

My approach doesn't really make much sense buuuut I wanted to play with monster pictures. The information will be a bit crap, but I'll pass.

I like the 'Purple Monster says:" part.. I'm going to have him saying lots of random quotes to do with recycling.

FLIP I love that font!

Images sourced from Getty images.. I wish I was cool enough to draw monsters like that!

P.S Fellow Vis Comm students - don't steal my idea! :)

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Thank you for warm beds
Thank you for pillows and blankets
Thank you for good music
Thank you for old friends
Thank you for new ones
Thank you for my education
Thank you for a guitar to play
Thank you for chili and lemon
Thank you for helpful, kind and patient people all around
Thank you that I have all I need
Thank you for mystery - old and new
Thank you for my bike
Thank you for Polly
Thank you for antibiotics
Thank you for books
Thank you for animation
Thank you for second hand clothes
Thank you for house mates
Thank you for coffee
Thank you for sisters and brothers
And mothers and fathers
Thank you for babies
Thank you for ink
Thank you for busking and harmonies

It's too easy for me to not see all the good stuff.. so there is some stuff from the last few weeks that I feel like thanking someone for.

Taxes are a silly thing for a dog to do...

Sunday, September 12, 2010




Busking on Darby at tonight was great! We made enough (split three ways) to make a dint on the parking fine I got yesterday which is GREAT. Singing with people is so fun. I gotta remember that it's not really about getting money, it's about sharing a song with someone. Or even if no one listens.. Music is just so great and good for your soul anyway!

The money IS nice and useful though..

Taxes are a silly thing for a dog to do...

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Things are starting to speed up over my way. Assignments deadlines are trickling steadily in.. Some floating past unattended to. I had one due on Monday I got an extension for as i've been pretty crook for about the last month with an antibiotic resistant infection of some sort.. It turned into pneumonia but I'm on the right drugs now and starting to feel stacks better! Which is tops!

Another was due today that I didn't get an extension for in time. It will just have to be late. Both of these assignments are essays. Something in me just doesn't cope with writing essays. I love and enjoy working really hard on my other design assignments.. Ones that involve creating something or developing a concept or whatever but essays just make me want to throw myself on the floor like a child and start screaming in protest! How can I overcome this? How can I develop the discipline necessary? How can I switch off that voice of protest in my head and concentrate?

A part of it is fear I bet. Just being scared of having to form coherent sentences, spell correctly and use punctuation appropriately. I know it sounds crazy but it's true! It's just not stuff I feel confident about!

A part of it is also an anxiety related to my understanding of the question. Feeling like I don't understand the question sends me into an irrational and disabling panic followed by a mess of self-pity. "i must be a complete idiot not to understand this." There is nothing quite like the frustration that comes with really wanting to do your job but not knowing what it is..

Anywho.. All the fear and anxiety really isn't doing me any favours. Does worrying ever help? All I can do is manageable chunks and ask questions, not give panic room to move, stay rational and remember that I'm still okay and worth something as a person even if I'm terrible at writing essays. Lowering expectations couldn't hurt too I guess.

It is 3am and I have stopped working, I'm going to sleep..