Friday, October 30, 2009

the life aquatic

I took a stroll down to the river just now.. It was sooo nice.. The moon was shining, there was no wind, it was warm. A chorus of crickets serenaded me. Polly (the rat) was with me. We went and sat by the water. I dipped my toes in the water. It was waaarrrmm! Dipped my feet. Dipped my ankles. Dipped my legs.. Eventually decided I would try dip my whole self..

The water was soo nice. Getting into the water without dunking Polly (the rat) under too was no small feat. I held her in my hand high above my head and slipped clumsily in (almost dropping her). Then I had to swim one armed to a place I could stand up. I put her on my head and swam about. She took it pretty well.. She didn't TOTALLY freak out.. Just a little bit. She just kept looking for some way to get off me! She'd crawl down the side of my head onto by shoulder but, Oh! Water there... So she'd run up across my shoulder, down my arm to my hand but, oh! Water there too! It was just a little bit funny.

But I didn't stay in there tooooooo long, just for her. When I'd one-handedly made it back to the shore she tried to make a very quick escape in to a bush! But I got her. Poor bugger. I think she's over it now.. She's on my shoulder trying to sleep her worries away.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

thumbs for fingers make for bad typing

I'm so keen to get this music stuff happening! I really want to make good tunes with other Muso's! It has been so rad recently to get to play with Kate B and Amy V and Kat H! Kat has been writing some really nice piano bits to go with a couple of songs and I just love them! They give them a whole different vibe. I love that there can be so many different ways of playing one song.

Kate B signed me up for a open mic comp at the Blackstump Xn music fest in Sydney recently (thanks Kate :) ) She and Amy sung some real nice harmonies. It was ver-nice :) I wasn't feeling real confident but it was a really great experience.. I didn't realise before hand that it was going to be Australian Idol style - there were a couple of judges who.. er.. judged you in front of everybody after you played. The judges were really encouraging though, it was good.

Right now my little golden hooded rat is sitting in my cleavage poking her head out the top of my singlet (too much information? I don't care, it's cute!). Gosh I love her... She is so sweet.

So yep.. If anyone wants to make some music, let me know.


Thursday, October 15, 2009

missus 'P' missus 'r' missus 'o','c','r' missus 'a' missus 's' missus 'tination'

I'm trying to write this bloody essay about Timothy.. But every time I go to work on it my brain wants to throw a tantrum like a 2 year old! Stupid brain. Maybe I need to go for a jog or a swim or a bike ride.

My sister goes back to Broken Hill today :( It's been SOOO nice to spend time with her! She bought her own little rattie the day before yesterday. She wants to call him 'Frankie' but I think she should call him 'Beans'. Beans is soo a better name! Eww gross.. My rat just ate a booger! :| Yuck.

Ok enough fart arse-ing around.. Time to get down to business.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Gin ginny Gin Gin gin Gin

Did I mention how cool my DSi is??

I went to McDonalds yesterday. I could stand in line and check my email (on the DSi and using Maccas free wifi) while waiting to order! Ahh it makes me happy :)

I want to write about how awesome Blackstump was this weekend.... But sooo tired. I will just do a short version.

Highlights included:

1. Making coffee! (Though last years coffee-making-partner Kylie was sorely missed!)
2. Seeing LOTS of people I know!
3. I saw 2 bands who had melodians! Yhey!
4. I got to perform in the Open Mic comp and got some good comments from the judges :D
5. Pete's Good Friday elective (which was music, poetry, stories etc) went well!
6. Listening to Mike Frost was good!
7. Seeing Sons of Korah was good too! My friend Kaity nearly had a heart attack she was so happy - She met them.


Then we drove up here to Gin Gin straight after it had finished! We left Sydney about 12 mid day.. Arrived here 5:30 am Qld time! Annndd slept all day :)

Ok.. My cousins are having a go at me writing on my blog. Bye!

tale for blackstump

"So I'm sitting in the dark. I can't feel the cold - I've had too much to drink. I'm trying to remember how I got here...

Oh, that's right. I walked. Stumbled rather. That feels like so long ago...

I'm resting my head on my knees and running my fingers through the grass. Is it wet? I don't really understand 'wet' in my state. The lights of nearby houses are swimming before my eyes.. I'm wondering what the people in the houses are doing. Though they are so close I could go knock on their doors, I am a million miles away. I couldn't call out if I tried.

I am remembering a loud, dark, room. A mass of bodies. The smell of sweat, smoke an alcohol. I'm remembering going to the bathroom. There is a girl on the floor in the cubicle next to me. I'm knocking on the door.. Asking if she is O.K. She's not moving, just lying, small and broken in a crumpled heap. I'm getting a security guard. 'A girl has passed out in the toilets.' I tell him. Then I leave. I never find out if she was O.K.

Stepping out of my memory, I'm smoking a cigarette. Then I'm smoking another. My chest feels as though it has a hole in it. What's the time?

I'm remembering a large, bright space. A mass of bodies. We're standing in a river. The smell of water and green. The current is swirling around my legs. These people... I'm turning around looking at their mouths moving in unison. Are they speaking? What are they saying? Ah! Now I hear them! They're not speaking - They're singing! It's beautiful and its EVERYWHERE. Pressing in from every side. Then, I'm underwater.

Stepping out of my memory. I'm looking at the sky. I'm starting to feel unsettled. The stars.. Are they watching me? My heart is beating a little fast. SOMETHING endless is watching me. Gazing through the stars.. Waiting. The air feels thick, something is all around me, pushing in from every side. Those stars are baring down on me, I'm feeling scared they will send me blind. I'm looking away. I'm reaching into my handbag and getting out a book and a pen. I'm writing in a messy scrawl across the page.

Moving forward in time...

I'm laying in bed, looking through a tattered old journal. I'm reading a piece of scribbles writing.

'Don't fall asleep now.
I'm the gravity of the stars
calling you to come home...'

Strange.. I don't remember writing that."