Thursday, December 31, 2009

Yew Nears

Honey Hooded Ratty? Check

Grolsh Beer? check

Gudang Garam? check

Harry Potter and the half blood prince? check

A little furry black cat? check

A less furry ginger cat? check

Happy New Year?
I think so!

I'm a bit crook today so I'm having a quiet night in with the Cats and some movies!
Happy 2009 ending time!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


i am writing this from a wii! yay nintendo!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


This WAS written on my mobile a few days ago but it wouldn't upload. So much for technology.

What a good day it was. I am so very full of prawns.

It's funny ? I was not feeling particularly excited on Christmas eve. I was very calm and collected. But my body must have been otherwise because I could not get to sleep till some crazy hour (about 2am which strangely enough was the hour my sisters body decided to wake up!) and I woke up at seven thirty despite feeling very tired! Funny/annoying thing is it is now 1am or something and I still can't sleep! Christmas is over my-body! Calm down! You have a long drive to Newcastle to make tomorrow! Go to sleep! By the way I'm writing this in bed from my mobile phone. Technology. Amazing.

In other news animals in the local area have been acting weirdly in the last day or so. The other night, as I was changing into my pj's for bed, a feral cat erupted from somewhere in my bedroom and started trying to run up the walls in a desperate attempt to escape my apparently terrifying presence! I ran out of the room half-dressed, slammed the door, remembered Polly (the rat) was in there, opened the door slowly and pulled her out. Then I went and found dad who went and found a broom which went and found the cat which was by that stage hiding under my bed. Poor bugger was so scared. Anyway Dad showed it the door.

The other strange thing that happened was Polly biting my sister for no apparent reason. She just crept up and started biting her.. Not hard at first.. But when my sister tried to move her she nipped her so hard it broke the skin! Crazy polly. I'm thinking maybe the smell of her rat Frankie was somewhere on her and Polly didn't like it. Or maybe she was still weirded out from the Cat going nutso in my bedroom. Or maybe she had p.m.s. Who knows. I'm off to sleep in anycase.

Monday, December 28, 2009


I went and watched Avatar in 3d this evening and it made me feel quite ill! Maybe I would be feeling ill anyway - maybe i'm coming down with something - but my stomach it churning! And my head hurts! And my eyes feel all squeezed out like dry sponges. Actually they feel a little like.. You know spotlights? How people stand behind them and move them about manually? I feel like I can feel the little people standing behind my eyes moving them about.

In other news.. I'm in Newcastle! Until tomorrow.


Monday, December 21, 2009


There is a very hairy black cat sitting on my lap :) I feel happy about that!
I am listening to 'Noah and the Whale'.. I also feel happy about that!
I've been drinking Lady Grey tea! Hoorah!
There is also a small honey hooded rattie on my shoulder! She's trying to sleep.

I think I might have broken the air cooler though.. It's one of those wheel around air coolers. I wheeled it out here and turned it on and nothing happened. *pulls collar nervously* Eiihh.

On an unrelated note.. Does anyone else ever wake up in the midst of doing something in their sleep? I was very surprised the other night to wake up in the middle of lunging wildy over the side of my bed (to where the ratties cage is) and desperately detaching and yanking the top of the cage up into the bed with me! Why did I do that? I have a vague recollection of feeling like she (the rat) was in danger... But thats about it.

My dreams have been particularly vivid lately.. And people keep saying 'Did you just wake up?' or 'Are you sick?' or 'You look tired!' when they see me.. But i'm sleeping just the same as I normally do!


Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Dear Grand-dad,

How does one figure out what to do with ones life? And why does it matter?