Wednesday, February 24, 2010

ho ho ho I think I'm soo funny...

The Goonion people actually told me they're not all about Goon.. I can be a member and drink whatever I like.

Still don't really want to be a member :/



Today I joined these clerbs:

The Anime Clerb
The Labor Clerrrbb
The Cyclist Clerb!

I also scored these free things:
1 x Tin of Baked Beans
1 x Ruler
1 x Pen
1 x Weird bag
1 x Student Diary
2 x Anime Clerb Badges
1 x Pear
1 x Ice Block
1 x Sausage Sizzle sausage
1 x Icey with Red Flavoring
1 x Giant Calendar thingy
100 x random pamphlets about various societies/clerbs/associations

YAY FOR O WEEK! I understand now why it is an exciting time.

Also.. A letter to the Goonion:

Dear Goonion,

I am writing to thank you for your kind invitation to join the Goonion for the low, low price of six dollars. In the mass of stalls that filled the Brennan Room, I could have easily walked past the giant, red "I HEART GOON" flag that emblazoned yours had you not offered a friendly hand of help and guidance to me today. I too appreciate the majesty that is Goon and feel excited about all it has to offer the students of Newcastle University, not only this year but in the years to come. I believe there is great potential for Goon to have a wide reaching influence throughout our country.

But unfortunately and tragically, I cannot accept your offer.. As I am staying the heck away from Goon.. Forever.

Sincerely and respectfully yours,

Monday, February 22, 2010


O.k it's high time I got off my lazy horse and wrote a post.

It has been approximately one week since I moved to Newcastle.. I just attempted to draw a little picture of my flat in paint but it was excruciating.. and my graphics tablet is being naughty.. So I gave up.

This flat is basically 2 rooms.. One dedicated to the bedroom (it's massive.. so I can chuck some couches in here at some point too) and the other is the kitchen/dining room. There also is a teeny bathroom off that room..

I've got everything I need now pretty much. SO HAPPY to finally have a fridge.

I'm liking it so far :) I have never lived alone before! I'm sure I will get lonely at some point.

Anyway! I've applied for a thouussaannnddd (in a Chris Cuddy voice) jobs in the last week. No luck yet though. Thats alright.

It's O WEEK PEOPLES! APPARENTLY THAT'S EXCITING! I'm not exactly sure what I am supposed to do in this week or where I am supposed to go...

So.. yep. Bit uninspired as to what else to write.. So I might go. Just a bit brain dead I think.


Friday, February 12, 2010

not ready

I'm moving to Newcastle tomorrow.. I'm not ready! I have no energy to write a proper blog about it though.