Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Here in ski village saas-fee!

Today was good Friday.. I find it absurd that I had a fun day in a ridiculously beautiful and awesome place on a such a day. Actually, I have found ordinary life strange and surprising almost everyday since coming to Switzerland.. The whole exercise of obtaining bread for the day, for instance, is exciting. "IM WALKING DOWN A MOUNTAIN IN THE ALPS TO THE SHOP! OH MY GOD THERE'S SOME SNOW! HOLY SHIT MAYBE I'LL BUY MILK! SOMEONE JUST SAID HELLO!!!!!!!!!" and etc.. Of course I am exaggerating but how it be if I lived everyday for the rest of my existence in constant delight over "ordinary" things? Some part of me thinks that would be to live more in touch with reality... Another part just thinks it would be tiring.


Joanna Hayes said...

This was exactly how I felt in Europe! And it DID GET TIRING, but also felt so real. I wonder if that's what LSD is like... Do you just notice alllllll of the things more?