Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Manor

Greetings from the Manor.. Last night I stayed in one of the coolest houses I have been in! Highlights include:

  • Scary looking but adorable Doberman called Scorch
  • The spiral staircase
  • The treasure chests in the room
  • The mirror on the roof
  • The bat-wing inspired bed head
  • The HUGE mounted buffalo head in the lounge room.. Cant remember it's name now..
  • The TEMPERATURE! OH my gosh it's beautiful.. 
I want to take loads of photos to show, but then this is someones house and I don't know if that is polite or not? Anyway the dude who owns it has been working on it for the last 4 years and has done a great job. He's a super leather-working handy man and a great host.

Anyway yes I am here in the USA.. Ready to get acquainted with the local culture.

Loads of Iceland photos coming soon!

Sunday, June 24, 2012


Sitting on the steps in some sort of town square, basking in the Icelandic summer sunshine, eating a nutella sandwich, waiting for Laura and Danny to arrive and feeling so content it's not funny..

This morning I saw a great band play, went to a big flea market, accidentally attended a protest and finally managed to find the bottle shop. Our host has a bike I've been using which is just a bit too if for me and which has a boy-seat so I'm pretty sure I have a bruised ass.. BUT it's worth it. I love bikes. I wish I had stacks of cash to fill up on music with. I don't know whether to try that putrified shark stuff yet........... I probably will.

Friday, June 22, 2012

ermahgerd Reykjavik!

Thursday, June 21, 2012


Tomorrow I'm leaving London for Reykjavik! As depressing as I found London at times I am a bit sad to go. It is an interesting place with endless, interesting things to see and do. I've been enjoying hanging out on the roof of Rachael's building and looking at the city from up there. I was just out there and saw 4 planes, a blimp and a helicopter, which made me happy for some reason. I also ate dinner and had a nap up there yesterday, hoping that the door wouldn't somehow get locked behind me.

The sun finally came out the last day or two. Hyde Park smelled like roses and fresh cut grass.. Pity an approaching migrane distracted me so much :(

Rach and I went to a place called Brick Lane on Monday; a neat suburb with this weird mixture of hipsters and what Wikipedia just told me is Bangladeshi folk. We went to a cafe decorated with bookshelf wall paper, cartoon doodles and pictures of 90's celebrities. It really reminded me of Suspension in Newcastle. Oh yeah, they also call a flat white a 'fat wife'.

Last Sunday we went to an exhibition at the Natural History Museum called 'Animals Inside Out' which was fascinating and nauseating simultaneously. Google it! It's pretty cool.

Anyway yes Iceland tomorrow! Via Munich :/ It's a bit silly how it's worked out but good thing flying is still a fun novelty to me!

Just realised I have NO IDEA how it works transferring between different flights when it's all been booked separately. I guess I will work that one out tomorrow :| Wish me luck!

I'll leave you with a cool picture I took from the roof the other night.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

the Grant Museum of Zoology

the Grant Museum of Zoology is where I went today! And it was awesome and nauseating simultaneously. The most interesting things I saw were:

A Golden Mole

Brain Coral
Actually.. I won't put pictures of everything because it will just gross people out.. I'll just list them.

  • A Jar of Moles
  • An Ox Eye
  • A domestic Pig Embryo
  • Asian Elephant Skull 
  • Indian 1 horned Rhino Skeleton
  • Skull of Giant Deer - Antlers could be up to 3.5m wide even if the animal was only 2m 
  • a Quagga (Type f Zebra)
  • Mole Skeleton
  • Beluga Whale Foetus 
  • Asian Water Buffalo Skull
Anyway it was COOL!

Saturday, June 9, 2012


I'm sitting out the front of Pret - a food franchise thingy here in London- scabbing on their free wifi and waiting for noon. Today I want to check out a biscuit festival (yes a biscuit festival) and another greeny festival some where near by. Turns out there are loads of fun free things to do in London! Especially around the queens jubilee and the upcoming Olympic games.

I wish I had a guitar though! That'd be perfect. Would love to sit in the park and play guitar. Except the weather is a bit sad. I'd probably get rained on.

I freAkin love watching pigeons walk around..

Ok.. This is a boring post, sorry! Bye!

Friday, June 8, 2012

The last day

Today I leave Switzerland for probably a lot less green pastures.. I spent yesterday wandering around in Basel, snoozing by the Rhine (I was SO tired!), drawing, avoiding Tram fares and paying way too much for Coffee. I would totally live here in Basel I think. For a little while anyway.

Here is what I drew.

Later today I fly to London for a few more weeks of fabulous-ness, except this time I WILL be wiser with my money *sigh*. Then on the 21st (I think) I fly to Iceland - w0000!!!!

I'm missing home.. The other night I was dreaming I was trying to shove Trumpet (my pet rat) into my mouth because I was so happy to see her?

Anywhee thats all for now I suppose. GOODBYE SWITZERLAND!