Friday, October 30, 2009

the life aquatic

I took a stroll down to the river just now.. It was sooo nice.. The moon was shining, there was no wind, it was warm. A chorus of crickets serenaded me. Polly (the rat) was with me. We went and sat by the water. I dipped my toes in the water. It was waaarrrmm! Dipped my feet. Dipped my ankles. Dipped my legs.. Eventually decided I would try dip my whole self..

The water was soo nice. Getting into the water without dunking Polly (the rat) under too was no small feat. I held her in my hand high above my head and slipped clumsily in (almost dropping her). Then I had to swim one armed to a place I could stand up. I put her on my head and swam about. She took it pretty well.. She didn't TOTALLY freak out.. Just a little bit. She just kept looking for some way to get off me! She'd crawl down the side of my head onto by shoulder but, Oh! Water there... So she'd run up across my shoulder, down my arm to my hand but, oh! Water there too! It was just a little bit funny.

But I didn't stay in there tooooooo long, just for her. When I'd one-handedly made it back to the shore she tried to make a very quick escape in to a bush! But I got her. Poor bugger. I think she's over it now.. She's on my shoulder trying to sleep her worries away.


Kathrzn Bahn said...

I love that film. The part where he seesthe jaguar shark and says, "I wonder if it remembers me." Always makes me feel something strong

kimmmoi said...

Nightswimming. Sounds beautiful and warm. Here the first snow fell last night- spose I'll have to abandon any plans to follow suit. Say hello to the rat!