Sunday, November 15, 2009


Today I:
- got bitten on the head by a man with big teeth
- iced an extremely large birthday cake. This included little penguins made out of edible icing!
- swam in the river in my clothes
- swam in the pool in my swimmers
- weeded for 1.5 hours, covering an area of approximately 2 square metres
- clipped my rats toe-nails - until she noticed I was doing it and ran away
- played 'Spaceboy' by The Smashing Pumpkins on my guitar
- Talked briefly with someone about what Jesus being the Son of God actually MEANS. (Any idea's people?)
- made a small speech at a birthday party
- made a large mess on my bedroom floor
- consumed approximately three standard alcoholic drinks
- was chased by horses 8 times
- found out what my body mass index is

In other news, I HAVE 8 ASSIGNMENTS TO GO! Which I am very happy about. I mean, it should be one or two.. But.. all considering I'm pretty happy that it's only 8. I CAN DO IT! Prizes for the person who can invent the best study incentive ever!

How are you?



Jordan said...

3 standard alcholic drinks? I'm shocked Hanwen dear...

kimmmoi said...

What an idyllic life you lead. I have no ideas for study incentives. If you find some tell me. I'm trying to incite 3 cranky obnoxious teenagers to do their homeschooling work. Oh they aren't always cranky and obnixious. Just when I'm trying to incite them to do their homeschooling work. Brood of vipers.

jazzyk said...

wow - sounds like a pretty eventful day, especially episode 1 on your list!!
re study - I have found switching the internet off to be useful :)..and playing energising music (but not too energising, cos then you can't sit still). and frequent tea breaks (actually, that probably fits into the distraction category.)
anyway, go well!!