Thursday, October 22, 2009

thumbs for fingers make for bad typing

I'm so keen to get this music stuff happening! I really want to make good tunes with other Muso's! It has been so rad recently to get to play with Kate B and Amy V and Kat H! Kat has been writing some really nice piano bits to go with a couple of songs and I just love them! They give them a whole different vibe. I love that there can be so many different ways of playing one song.

Kate B signed me up for a open mic comp at the Blackstump Xn music fest in Sydney recently (thanks Kate :) ) She and Amy sung some real nice harmonies. It was ver-nice :) I wasn't feeling real confident but it was a really great experience.. I didn't realise before hand that it was going to be Australian Idol style - there were a couple of judges who.. er.. judged you in front of everybody after you played. The judges were really encouraging though, it was good.

Right now my little golden hooded rat is sitting in my cleavage poking her head out the top of my singlet (too much information? I don't care, it's cute!). Gosh I love her... She is so sweet.

So yep.. If anyone wants to make some music, let me know.



Kylie said...

I will!

Kathrzn Bahn said...

I asked Chris G if he would record you a demo with all his magic recording gear and he seems to be up for it. How cool!