Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Gin ginny Gin Gin gin Gin

Did I mention how cool my DSi is??

I went to McDonalds yesterday. I could stand in line and check my email (on the DSi and using Maccas free wifi) while waiting to order! Ahh it makes me happy :)

I want to write about how awesome Blackstump was this weekend.... But sooo tired. I will just do a short version.

Highlights included:

1. Making coffee! (Though last years coffee-making-partner Kylie was sorely missed!)
2. Seeing LOTS of people I know!
3. I saw 2 bands who had melodians! Yhey!
4. I got to perform in the Open Mic comp and got some good comments from the judges :D
5. Pete's Good Friday elective (which was music, poetry, stories etc) went well!
6. Listening to Mike Frost was good!
7. Seeing Sons of Korah was good too! My friend Kaity nearly had a heart attack she was so happy - She met them.


Then we drove up here to Gin Gin straight after it had finished! We left Sydney about 12 mid day.. Arrived here 5:30 am Qld time! Annndd slept all day :)

Ok.. My cousins are having a go at me writing on my blog. Bye!


kimmmoi said...

Thankyou for writing!

Katsicle said...

I love Sons of Korah :D!