Thursday, October 15, 2009

missus 'P' missus 'r' missus 'o','c','r' missus 'a' missus 's' missus 'tination'

I'm trying to write this bloody essay about Timothy.. But every time I go to work on it my brain wants to throw a tantrum like a 2 year old! Stupid brain. Maybe I need to go for a jog or a swim or a bike ride.

My sister goes back to Broken Hill today :( It's been SOOO nice to spend time with her! She bought her own little rattie the day before yesterday. She wants to call him 'Frankie' but I think she should call him 'Beans'. Beans is soo a better name! Eww gross.. My rat just ate a booger! :| Yuck.

Ok enough fart arse-ing around.. Time to get down to business.