Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Soooooo I went to Northern Italy on the weekend to camp with Nat and the girls + 2 other families. Before we left I had like.. wilderness and dirt and going to the bathroom in the bushes in my mind.. Turns out we went to a shmick campsite with a heated pool and wifi? Hah.. Anyway I had a greeeaaat time. The high light was the 30km bike ride through beautiful countryside, ending with a long, fast windy section down a hill leading into the town centre where a fantastic market was taking place. Oh my goodness housemates you would have really liked this market. I couldn't stop thinking of you guys and also Belinda and Jasmine Koit.

I awkwardly tried to take pictures with my DSLR while we were riding which was fun and which yielded wonky slightly unfocused fruits that I will treasure anyway. Here are some of the other more in focus pics.

Coolest campy car thing ever
Taya's swag which she kindly let me sleep in
Bad-Ass biker kids
It's a freakin CASTLE
I found evidence of Quidditch 
Inside the castle

Castle Keys

This was really cool. Around the walls of the church were these comic (as in Comic style, not humorous) dialogues  between the Saints.  To show that it was a dialogue they mirrored the text of the replier.  

These are all pictures from inside the chapel in the castle. 

The kitchen.

The Chimney

I think these holes are something to do with shooting arrows?
We found a wild cherry tree 

I got stung by some sort of... plant thing.
Spinny thingy
Noor defying gravity.. while eating a bun.
SPICES! At a market stall
I'm still laughing at the name of this ice cream..
Also still laughing at both of the girls faces in this photo..