Friday, May 11, 2012

London-ee Bits

Other than running face first into a pole whilst walking distractedly by Big Ben, I had a pretty good time in London! My newest aspiration is to either build a very large nature spot in my backyard back home in Australia and then fill it with squirrels and pigeons OR to become a Squirrel myself and infiltrate their ranks.. They're seriously such great little animals! I still like Rats more, but they're up there! I bet they're a huge pest to some folk, but to me they're still innocent and adorable..

What else happened.. Squirrels have taken over my brain and I can't remember..

Buckingham Palace
Oh yeah! I saw Buckingham Palace!

And Westminster Abbey.. That was pretty cool actually.

I got to do THIS!

And THIS! I could not believe it when it landed on my hand!

The weather was really nice the first day I arrived, which was LOVELY! I wandered around the gardens near the palace taking pictures and being a tourist..  Sadly, after that it got cold and wet and miserable. I spent so much time on the underground (subway) getting from place to place. I actually really like the underground system, it was sooo easy to get where I needed to go.

The first night I was there I went to see Les Miserables! It was really excellent.. The set design was neat too - the stage had a circular revolving platform built into the floor (a turntable I guess) which just meant people could move around a lot more.. And .. ah I can't even explain the sets properly.. They were just really smart and looked really cool. Nice work John Napier (I think?)

I also spent an obscene amount of time in two different comic books shops and ended up spending toooo much money *sigh* but it was WORTH IT!

Thanks all for now..

If you can be bothered sitting through 8 minutes of me talking to myself / animals there are some cute bits in this video..



a ppalling life said...

How amazing is that bird that landed on Ur hand. What I'd like to know is - what did it do to the peanuts?
Paul W.