Friday, June 8, 2012

The last day

Today I leave Switzerland for probably a lot less green pastures.. I spent yesterday wandering around in Basel, snoozing by the Rhine (I was SO tired!), drawing, avoiding Tram fares and paying way too much for Coffee. I would totally live here in Basel I think. For a little while anyway.

Here is what I drew.

Later today I fly to London for a few more weeks of fabulous-ness, except this time I WILL be wiser with my money *sigh*. Then on the 21st (I think) I fly to Iceland - w0000!!!!

I'm missing home.. The other night I was dreaming I was trying to shove Trumpet (my pet rat) into my mouth because I was so happy to see her?

Anywhee thats all for now I suppose. GOODBYE SWITZERLAND!