Monday, May 21, 2012


Well I haven't posted nearly as many times as I planned to.. But that is probably a good thing right? It means I've been doing stuff.. Right?

Only three weeks left in beautiful Monstein and inevitably I feel like I haven't taken advantage of the opportunities to explore as much as I could have! But you know.. I think I'm ok with that. I know when I need to chill out and I'm glad I didn't send myself insane trying to do too much. (Thats what I'm telling myself anyway)

Last week I did go for a hike up a nearby mountain and that was ggreaaatt!!! Cant wait to do that again next weekend..

Just a few things I want to say before I go...

1. This is actually much yummier than it looks..

2. The sign on this storage container made me laugh

That is all.. Another post re: the trip to Munich coming soon