Thursday, March 1, 2012


One week today I will be getting on a plane and heading towards Europe.  I feel utterly and dangerously unprepared.. I need to clean up my room for Rhi to move in. I need to decide what to take and what to leave.  I need to find out how heavy my luggage can be.  Do I change money into Euros before I go? How do I do that? Should I really take a sleeping bag? It's so big! When will my citi bank visa card thing arrive? How will I get from the airport to Kylie's house? Where do I buy train tickets? Did I pay too much for insurance? Should I get a simcard for my phone while I am over there? What if I get stuck without internet access? Should I take my guitar? What if it gets damaged? And my camera? Should I take both lenses or just one? Just how cold will it be over there? Should I bring gloves? Do I have enough money? etc etc etc...

I guess part of the definition of 'Adventure' must include it all being scary and risky. But also FUN!

God must be like "Relaaaaaaaaaaaaaax Hannah."

Ok I'll try.


Joanna Hayes said...

That is pretty much EXACTLY how I was feeling before I went! And it's almost exactly a year ago now! :-( :-)

My advice, change about $25 to euros at the airport before you leave, it may be helpful to have some cash on hand at the airport, or for a taxi or whatever (maybe more cash?!!). Also, if you've got a stop over anywhere, maybs some of that currency as well? (It was super helpful to be able to buy food during our 7 hour stay in the airport in Hong Kong, because the exchange thingy had closed when we got there).

As for the rest of it, enjoy the panic!! Yayayay! :D