Sunday, March 18, 2012


So the highlights of week 1 in Monstein include:

- Drinking off milk for three days. I thought it was just weird Swiss milk..
- Making a snowman called Roy
- Meeting someone who swears as much as I would like to - a local named Vasha. She also fed me YUMMY indian food.
- Trying locally brewed (like across the road) Monstein Bier.. I like it!
- Playing with the Gerbils
- Finally getting Rosetta Stone to work on my computer
- Eating lots of cheese
- Taking photo's and video's of the town
- Successfully interacting with someone in Deutsch (a 10 year old.. Still counts!)
- Getting smiled at by an attractive Swiss man. No idea who he was though..
- Going Skiing in Davos! Only falling down once!
- Going shopping with Nat in Davos. Having time to actually hang out with her a bit.
- Reading 'The Wise Woman' by George Macdonald with the girls every night.
- Being forced to really rely on God to help me not stress.
- The weekend off.

Lowlights include:
- Missing Trumpet a LOT.
- Feeling out of my depth.
- Feeling discouraged about my poor German language skills.

BUT these lowlights are but little droplets in an ocean of awesome highlights! So all is quite well :)

I've uploaded this video of me walking around Monstein and stuff. It's not really very interesting but it at least gives you a chance to see what the town looks like a bit. I just wish it wasn't quite so shaky.

I wish it would snow just a little bit more..


Kay said...

Hannah thanks for showing us around Monstein. It's looks gorgeous. And don't eat yellow snow!

Gilbert Ariel said...

Hehe that's hilarious about the milk. Nice video Han! Super cool and interesting. I like Roy too!

I'll follow this blog:)

More! More!

jazzyk said...

yay, great! so cool to hear about your week, sounds like you're making the most of things. Keep having language adventures & smiling at attractive swiss men hehe :D

jazzyk said...

yummy indian food - yaaaaaaaaay