Saturday, June 12, 2010

Holidays: Part 2

We left for Broken hill at roughly 3:20am this morning. We hit a roo approximately 5:30am. We were picked up by the N.R.M.A man around 8am. We met with Jo's Dad and ate breakfast at a cafe in Nyngan around 9am. I booked a bus ticket to Broken Hill from Nyngan around 10:30am. Dad and Jo and Morris left with Jo's Dad around 12pm. I went back into the cafe we had breakfasted in and ordered another around 12:05pm. This coffee isn't as nice as the first one.

I will catch a bus at around 4:15pm. What can I do until then? Write this blog.. Then what?? Who knows. I will arrive in Broken Hill around 11pm. Rachie will finish work around 12am

The sign outside of this cafe says "Come in and try a burger the way they used to be before McDonalds stuffed 'em up" ehehehe!


jazzyk said...

ugh. bummer. did you get to see if the burgers measured up to their claims?!