Thursday, June 10, 2010

Holidays: Part 1

Hello! Welcome to what will probably be a mixture of insanely boring and moderately interesting posts I will make while on my 2 month holiday! I'd like to say that I will post everyday.. But we all know this wont happen.

Man oh man it is good to finish. I submitted my last assignment on Tuesday - 65 self portraits. The last week has been a blur of paint, ink, charcoal, facebook, star trek, wine, friends, music, late nights and crazy sleep ins. I had a bunch of people around last Saturday to hangout and draw - it was really fun! Soph and Gilbert brought bacon! Nice! Some more peoples dropped around the next day too which was really good - total study incentive. I'd kind of been sitting on my bum on Facebook till they arrived..

At the moment I am sitting on the floor at my friend Rachaels house in Newtown! Yipee! It is great to see her, she is one of my favorite people. Polly and I are both here.. I took her cage apart and stashed it in the bottom of my bag, and she sat on my shoulder while I caught the train. We catch another train/bus to Dubbo tomorrow. Hopefully she will be as well behaved tomorrow as the was tonight and not try going exploring while I am napping on the journey.

Dad if you're reading this tune out for a second. I got a bit lost in Newtown tonight. I went to Rachaels workplace - a nearby pub - to grab her house key and got confused on the way back. A trip that should have taken 5 minutes took about 45. Rgh. Thank goodness for the helpful people lurking on the dark streets of Darlington at midnight who gave me directions.

What else happened.. Oh yeah on journey down the train stopped at Hornsby station for about 15 minutes. I didn't really understand what was going on until I saw a crowd of security officers and cityrail people flocking out of one particular carriage ushering two slightly blood covered young men yelling their heads off with them.. I guess they had a disagreement?

Tomorrow - Dubbos! Familys! Samaras and Jethros! Haases! Lauras? Cold temperatures! w000! Then on Saturday BROKEN HILL! oOO...


Jordan said...

Haase's...that's us....

Kathrzn Bahn said...

broken hill!!!! I want to see you Hanwen!