Wednesday, June 13, 2012

the Grant Museum of Zoology

the Grant Museum of Zoology is where I went today! And it was awesome and nauseating simultaneously. The most interesting things I saw were:

A Golden Mole

Brain Coral
Actually.. I won't put pictures of everything because it will just gross people out.. I'll just list them.

  • A Jar of Moles
  • An Ox Eye
  • A domestic Pig Embryo
  • Asian Elephant Skull 
  • Indian 1 horned Rhino Skeleton
  • Skull of Giant Deer - Antlers could be up to 3.5m wide even if the animal was only 2m 
  • a Quagga (Type f Zebra)
  • Mole Skeleton
  • Beluga Whale Foetus 
  • Asian Water Buffalo Skull
Anyway it was COOL!