Sunday, January 15, 2012

Some summer pics

It's been a crazy long time since I posted.. I've been in Dubbo the last month doing the whole Christmas thing and then helping my folks pack up the house and move to Newcastle! Woo! The move is (sort of) finished as of yesterday and now I am back home in my cozy room with a tonne of extra junk from my parents house. I was up until 1am-ish sorting through it and other stuff in my room doing a massive purge of stuff. So much stuff. Yuhk.

Anyway here are some photo's from my camera of this summer so far! Lots of fun things.
Olive and Lotti (Rachies ratties)
Me + Ramona, Olive, Lotti and Trumpet! Rat party!
Dad baptised my cousin Morris 
Dad, Morris and Jethro praying after the baptism
Redhanwen played at Midnite Cafe in Dubbo. It was super fun!
Georgie vs Milly!

I guess Dad liked his gift
So did Jo! (It's a ticket to see P J Harvey)
Rachie stylin her new hat
Spongebob shower scrub
I think Jo likes it!
The Christmas internal organ ham

Some nice sunsets out at Burrabadine
The most recent incarnation of Gilberts game

Water Slide! 
A 'fruit cake' Jo and I made for Sophies birthday
Another cake Rach and I helped Jo do for a school thing
 I don't mean to turn into a photo blog.. I just have no brain for writing a real post at the moment!



jazzyk said...

awesome pics han! also can't help feeling there's a bit more soul to a photo-ish blog as compared with el facebook. You think?