Wednesday, February 8, 2012


I'm really really tired hey.. It's so good to finally have some work to do, but holy moly the holidays have made me soft and I'm totally buggered. I'm out in the hunter valley picking grapes for about 8 hours a day and it's actually pretty fun and easy work, but it also means waking up at 4:45am for a 6:00 start and a bit of a drive to get there. The people there are all really friendly and pretty great and there are loads of interesting backpacker characters, some of whom sing loud rowdy songs that remind me of chants at a soccer match.  All in all it's a very positive experience! Just tiring though. Day off tomorrow which is nice.

Listening to 'Till we have faces' by C.S Lewis at the moment. It's really good in a tragedy sort of way. I feel a lot of grief for humanity's stubbornness as I hear it.. and I've found myself aching for goodness and fullness too.  I'm interested to see where it takes me next.

On that note, I'm off to bed.