Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Don't you love these online chat moments??

Friend: ok whats the joke?

Me: ok but you gotta say it out loud to yourself or brenda or it wont make sense

Friend: ok

Me: What kind of bee's make Milk?
Me: bees*

Friend: i dont get it

Me: (oh that was a spelling correction)
Me: boobies! bahahhahaha..

Friend: (sweat emoticon)

Me: lol whaaat
Me: still dont get it?

Friend: yep
Friend: no i dont

Me: Q. What sort of bees make milk
A. Boobies (boo-bees)
Me: thats why you gotta say it out loud
Me: ahhhhh lol its so awkward when jokes dont work

Friend: ok (thumbs down emoticon)

Me: bahaha
Me: *cough* hrmm yes well anyway

Friend: love you Hannah Bye