Saturday, October 23, 2010


My cousin Katie has been visiting for the week and gee it's been nice having her around!! We haven't done a whole lot. Just chilling out, watching movies, getting coffee, we went to an art galley.. It's been really lovely. If you see her down the street you should give her a high five for being such an awesome person.

I love that cousins exists. The thought that katies mum and mum are sisters, and that her and I are connected by blood.. I dunno it just sort of wows me sometimes. Families are cool things.

Gilbert and I played at a cafe last night. I really enjoy singing with Gilbert. It was hard to hear ourselves over the cafe noises and being behind the speaker, that was the only bummy thing about the experience. Other than that I thought it was really good! I still haven't totally mastered singing and drumming at the same time though :p

I did some recording in the blue mountains recently with this friend of a friend. I now have a little cd of rough mixes of what we got done :) it's just got to be mixed now. God bless Kate for making it happen. Thank you!

Anyway just a brief update.