Friday, September 17, 2010

Purple Monster

Here is an assignment I'm working on. It's a website..I just spent ages figuring out how its going to look. Now I have to come up with information to put in it *bleh* That is the annoying part.

The basic idea (sort of.. I haven't really figured it out. I've just been having fun with the visuals..) is the 'purple monster' being the recycling bin (In a pretend world where they are purple? Mine sure isn't purple..) with info about what to recycle. And then I will talk about Glass and Plastic and which is 'better' for the environment. Of course they're both good, but which one uses more energy to produce and recycle and ra ra ra ra ra.. I have to pick a side.

My approach doesn't really make much sense buuuut I wanted to play with monster pictures. The information will be a bit crap, but I'll pass.

I like the 'Purple Monster says:" part.. I'm going to have him saying lots of random quotes to do with recycling.

FLIP I love that font!

Images sourced from Getty images.. I wish I was cool enough to draw monsters like that!

P.S Fellow Vis Comm students - don't steal my idea! :)


Jordan said...

Oh Hannah that is sooo awesome! I love him, he's so cute!
Send me a link when you're done!