Thursday, May 20, 2010

Me again!

I have many assignments due in the next few weeks, but they are all pretty fun! I get to tell people about the photographer Tom Wood, who took pictures on buses in Liverpool among other things; I get to hand in my photos inspired by him which means getting them properly printed and mounted which is exciting; I get to rework one of my naked-people sketches in the style of Renee French ( see link below I think ) as well and handing in other naked pictures and 65 self portraits (not naked); I get to design a poster advertising an avant garde fashion show and I get to do a test!!!! How fun is that!?!

I am really looking forward to the break though :/

Right now I am waiting to pick up a camera. I wish I could have it all weekend but I can't.

The ict building here is so weird. There are these cold feeling little stone courtyard that I'm assuming are supposed to be nice and relaxing but aren't really because everything is cold white stone or concrete. This one even has a little tree all buried in stone. Maybe it's supposed to be oriental? And it's so QUIET. I kind of wantto have a pretend embarrasing convesation on my phone so the noise will carry all over the building and make everyone feel awkward.

Oh man, I have dvd's to return :( sorry blockbuster!

Ok bye now!