Monday, May 31, 2010

A little challenge

Hello! These are some possibleeeeeiiii veerrry confusing instructions for building a marble mover using only foamcore and pins. Build this if you can/dare! You will need a good stanley (is that how you spell it?) knife, a cutting mat, a ruler, pencil and some sweet pins! Oh and I guess you'll also need some mad instruction understanding skills and the ability to read my mind to get what the heck i'm trying to describe to you.

If you manage it - send me a photo! If you either don't manage it or don't attempt it - I won't be surprised!

Click the images to see a bigger version.

In other news - The end of semester draws ever nearerer. I've got a test for photography, some drawings to hand in and a presentation to do tomorrow, an two visual diaries to hand in on Thurs and Fri and then i'm done! I think.

Ahh i think there is a class in here better go. Byes


Dnae said...

what happened to my prize?