Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I am sittin in a hallway on the 3rd level of the conservatorium (is that even how you spell it? I have no idea..) here in Newcastle. I am waiting to meet with my choir teacher/instructor/whateveryoucallit. Obviously i'm down with all the music lingo..

Anyway I feel quite sick. I feel like if I start singing stuff other than music is going to come shooting out of my mouth. My eyes feel like little congested sponges weighed down with too much luggage. My legs are thinking about the walk from the bus stop to my flat after choir tonight and threatening to pack it in all together. A conversation with my brain might look something like this:

You: Hello Hannah's brain
You: Hannah's brain?
Brain: sorry what? did you say something?
You: Just saying hey! Whatcha doin?
Brain: Oh.. cool.. hey! Um, yeah.. i'm.. I'm.. just a sec...

*long silence*

When I meet with my choir teacher/instructor/whateveryoucallit she is going to teach me some things about breathing correctly and the art of being LOUD. There is a musical term for it but.. Um.. I thought i'd just keep it simple for ya'll.

M.I.A just erupted onto my ipod. Yip-hee!

4 x Uni Assignments
4 x Cornerstone Assignments.

Can I do them?


Someone, anyone.. offer me a prize for doing the Cornerstone assignments!

Byeeeee singing/possibly hurling time!


Jordan said...

So...how'd you go? Spewing?
Can't wait to see youuu...

Aidan V. said...

for you each time you do one from now on.

Aidan V. said...

and it will be somehow related to your assignment. you just gotta let me know when you get them done.

im serious by the way!

not sure if that is a motivation for you, but now that ive promised its a motivation for me to draw more

Hanwen said...

Ahh Aidan! That is very great incentive! Though it also makes me want to puke with envy at your mad skills just a little bit haha