Tuesday, March 2, 2010

It's my first day!

Actually, I lie. Yesterday was my first day.. Today is my second day. Tomorrow will be my third day.

"First day of what?" You might ask..
"You knowwwwww." I will smile in response.
"Um.. No?", you will reply blankly.
"Oh.." I will probably stutter, "University."
"Ohh Ok."

Anyway.. Let me tell you about my first day of UNIVERSITY! My Bachelor of Visual Communication Design to be exact.

I arrived super early thinking it would take me forever to find my first class. WRONG! I found it within three minutes and spent the next 45 watching other people find it within three minutes. There was this moment where I was thinking to myself, "I feel like I'm at school.. Except I don't have to wear any clothes [Insert 5 second delay] I mean Uniform!" Then I started laughing to myself and looking like an insane person.

Later that day I went to my first Drawing lecture. (Samara, if you're reading this I want you to know I am pronouncing it the CORRECT way - Draw-ing. Not draw-ring.) I'm so excited and terrified of this class! A sensation heightened by our lecturer announcing that we have 65 self-portraits to come up with in the next 12 weeks. Graaahhh! I don't actually need to panic though. I think they just want us to get over ourselves and get into drawing regularly and experimenting. Which is great!

I then trekked into town to buy art supplies. NOTE: Art supplies are friggin expensive!

Now my second day of Uni has looked like this so far:

8:55 - Wake up. Realise I'm supposed to be at my first lecture in 5 minutes and swear loudly.(sorry kiddies)
9:11 - Watch the bus pulling up to the bus stop... Run like crazy to catch it.
9:12 - Tell the bus driver I love him. Receive a blank stare from the bus driver. Laugh awkwardly, dip my ticket and sit down.. Up the back.
9:19 - Wander anxiously around the GP building looking for the right room. Team up with a girl who is looking for the same room and wander together.
9:20 - Open a door nervously and peek in. Close it again and ask the girl if she thinks this is the right room.
9:21 - Open the door again. Ask the lecturer if this is indeed room 201. Yes it is.
9:21 and 20 seconds - Commence the 'walk of shame' before 50 people to our seats.
10:10 - FIND A TOILET!
11:00 - Sit in this little cafe writing this blog.
11:01 - Wonder if our shared experience of the 'walk of shame' means that girl and I are friends?

Tonight I will set my alarm properly.. Actually I don't have Uni tomorrow so stuff that.


Kay said...

Sounds like fun Hannah, bring those portraits to show us when you come home.