Monday, February 22, 2010


O.k it's high time I got off my lazy horse and wrote a post.

It has been approximately one week since I moved to Newcastle.. I just attempted to draw a little picture of my flat in paint but it was excruciating.. and my graphics tablet is being naughty.. So I gave up.

This flat is basically 2 rooms.. One dedicated to the bedroom (it's massive.. so I can chuck some couches in here at some point too) and the other is the kitchen/dining room. There also is a teeny bathroom off that room..

I've got everything I need now pretty much. SO HAPPY to finally have a fridge.

I'm liking it so far :) I have never lived alone before! I'm sure I will get lonely at some point.

Anyway! I've applied for a thouussaannnddd (in a Chris Cuddy voice) jobs in the last week. No luck yet though. Thats alright.

It's O WEEK PEOPLES! APPARENTLY THAT'S EXCITING! I'm not exactly sure what I am supposed to do in this week or where I am supposed to go...

So.. yep. Bit uninspired as to what else to write.. So I might go. Just a bit brain dead I think.



Jordan said...

Pies? I miss you Han...

Kay said...

Glad u have settled in Hannah. We miss you here.

kimmmoi said...

I coming to stay with you. Later.

kimmmoi said...

Don't worry, just to visit. Later.