Thursday, January 14, 2010


Yesterday I drove in convoy to the Blue Mountains to do some recording with Chris Gillespie! He has a nice little set up in his house.

It went really well. We arrived very hot and sweaty.. I sat on a chair with my guitar and he adjusted all the microphones around me. We did some sound checks then he told me to just go for it. I was a bit nervous - just hoping my voice would behave itself and I wouldn't make any major stuff ups. The last thing I wanted was to have to do lots of retakes of the same song... The longer I played the sweatier I got (It was crazy!). BUT - We got 5 songs down! All done in one take! Which was great. I did make one or two stuff ups but they're get-away-withable.

The sound was reaaalllyy nice! We went over a couple of them and did harmonies. Chris added some beeaauuttiifull guitar parts over the top of one of them, and is even going to put some double bass to another! Cooool!

Anyway, I just have to wait a while now for Chris to send the master. Exciting :) Thanks for recording me Chris!! Thanks for organising it Kate!!! And generally being VERY kind and encouraging and helping me take risks with my music.



kimmmoi said...

How absolutely wonderful! I can't wait to hear them some day soon. I'd love to have been a fly on the wall in that session.

Jordan said...

That's awesome Hannah! You should come over so we can hear them. In fact, come over anyway, we miss youuu!

jazzyk said...

woot! can't wait to hear them!