Monday, January 18, 2010


I have a confession to make.. The other day I walked in the Dick Smith and bought and iPod nano. I am giving it 14 days to prove itself. If it doesn't bring the good stuff i'm taking it BACK! HEAR THAT IPOD! i'M TALKING TO YOU!

*cough* Anyway.. I have been against iPods since they first appeared everywhere in High School. The way Apple tries to make it impossible to use anything but iTunes bugs me. The whole consumerist-ness of the iPod craze, all the accessories and the way they advertise bugs me. How sexy and sheek they are bugs me.

But "Ha Ha!", I thought as I walked in to Dick Smiths, "I will buy one while they are on special and find the way NOT to use iTunes!". My Dad has an iPod (which never ceases to shock me) and he figured out a way to do it. Why cant i?

I did a bunch of research and there ARE programs that can deal with iPods --- of an older generation or different models! I found NOTHING that could do iPod Nano 5th Gen in Kubuntu Linux. Amarok (my music program) would pretend it was doing something, and it WOULD actually put the songs on the iPod.. But Apple has done tricky things with the way it does the database (or something) and the iPod refused to see the songs that were on there. As far as it was concerned there was NOTHIN!! I literally spend an entire day trying to figure it out.

Anyway, what I ended up doing (which is insane), was install VirtualBox and installing Vista on the virtual machine. Then installed iTunes on Vista. So I'm running iTunes inside of Vista installed on a virtual computer INSIDE Linux.

Far out Apple - Cant you make it a little easier? You're missing out on customers by making it so friggin hard for Linux users (aka. people who don't want to be done over by Windows or monopolist b@$%@rds like YOU) to use iPods.

Hahaha this post has been fun! I've never had a rant post before!

Anyway VirtualBox worked a treat.. My iPoo is now chockablock full of music :)

But you're not out of the woods YET iPoo.. You've got 10 days..