Monday, December 21, 2009


There is a very hairy black cat sitting on my lap :) I feel happy about that!
I am listening to 'Noah and the Whale'.. I also feel happy about that!
I've been drinking Lady Grey tea! Hoorah!
There is also a small honey hooded rattie on my shoulder! She's trying to sleep.

I think I might have broken the air cooler though.. It's one of those wheel around air coolers. I wheeled it out here and turned it on and nothing happened. *pulls collar nervously* Eiihh.

On an unrelated note.. Does anyone else ever wake up in the midst of doing something in their sleep? I was very surprised the other night to wake up in the middle of lunging wildy over the side of my bed (to where the ratties cage is) and desperately detaching and yanking the top of the cage up into the bed with me! Why did I do that? I have a vague recollection of feeling like she (the rat) was in danger... But thats about it.

My dreams have been particularly vivid lately.. And people keep saying 'Did you just wake up?' or 'Are you sick?' or 'You look tired!' when they see me.. But i'm sleeping just the same as I normally do!



kimmmoi said...

Me too! Weird dreaming- hungover looking ness.

Anonymous said...
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Hanwen said...

Someone asked me today if I was stoned!