Monday, December 28, 2009


I went and watched Avatar in 3d this evening and it made me feel quite ill! Maybe I would be feeling ill anyway - maybe i'm coming down with something - but my stomach it churning! And my head hurts! And my eyes feel all squeezed out like dry sponges. Actually they feel a little like.. You know spotlights? How people stand behind them and move them about manually? I feel like I can feel the little people standing behind my eyes moving them about.

In other news.. I'm in Newcastle! Until tomorrow.



kimmmoi said...

I just read another blog post by someone else that said the same thing about avatar induced illness. It's the Pokemon disaster of '97 all over again!!!!

Kathrzn Bahn said...

get better hanwen. And call me - or contact me on skype. I feel needy for a hanwen chat.

How are the assignments going? Go you... you are an amazing study-er...