Thursday, September 17, 2009


Well, the relocation was a success. I am almost entirely relocated. Half of my brain, a chunk of my heart and my two bookshelves are still in Coona.. But the rest of me and my stuff is now in Dubbo.

Today I have been unpacking my room.. Putting books into shelves, posters on to walls and unceremoniously stuffing my clothes into the wardrobes. It does feel slightly more like home after putting up the posters. The people in posters are like old friends to me. Wherever I am, they are too.. Smiling down at me from their blue tacked positions on my bedroom wall. They are waiting when I come home from work, watching me when I sleep, (when I dress?), when I am happy or sad. It's something of a comfort when I move to a new place and put them up. The space changes from just that - a space - into my room. With it's own people with their very own culture. I like it.


kimmmoi said...

Hannah, that does sound comforting! I'm gonna get me some posters.

Eliza said...

I like you!

Hope you settle in well!