Thursday, July 9, 2009

they keep telling me it will get colder..

It's July. How can it get colder after this point? I thought that after July (it being the middle month of winter) things should warm up? But apparently not. Apparently it will get colder. In September. September??? That's Spring! This crazy town.

Now that is out my my system.. Read this:

Trails of troubles
and roads of battles.
They lead to paths of victory.
We shall walk.

And then this:

The mountain was a movin'
The hummin' of its wheels
Told me of the new day
That was comin' across the fields

What do you think??

That will be all today I think.


kimmmoi said...

We shall walk.

Kathrzn Bahn said...

The evenin dusk was rollin,
I was walking down the track.
There was a one-way wind a-blowin
And it was blowin at my back.

is it a cold wind? I love Dylan's okie accent in this song...spracu