Sunday, July 12, 2009

Thats pretty freaky Bowie..

I was on a Bowie high today. I watched The Life Aquatic last night so.. enough said yeah?

But then tonight I was telling my boss about how much I liked the Life Aquatic and the sound track with all the acoustic Bowie and how I like him in general and the first time I saw Bowie in the Labyrinth and aren't all the puppets so cool etc.. And she stops me mid sentence and casually brings up the time he came to Coonabarabran???????

Bowie in Coonabarabran? huh? I think I said "What? What? What?" about 5 times.

Is this true? Are we thinking of the same person?

I didn't believe it.. But then I read this -->

For those too lazy to read the entire article.. He was around the area (Mostly not Coona but I'm going to ignore that) filming the 'Lets Dance' film clip.. --

"ON THE FINAL DAY OF SHOOTING, THE crew sets out from its motel base in Coonabarabran, on the banks of the Castlereagh River, for the Warrumbungle range, a national preserve located thirty-odd kilometers away. It is a place of surrealistically spectacular sights: rock-topped hills rising in eccentric formations against the enormous blue sky, heat-shattered glim trees clawing the air or keeled over in droves on the arid plains, puff Mushrooms bigger than baseballs, meat ants the size of termites and march flies that can chew right through your clothes to the flesh and blood below. There is Much rendering of the 'Australian salute" in an effort to fend off flying pests, and the heat is an autonomous and oppressive presence.

...."What a ridiculous bird!" Bowie shouts delightedly, as an emu - a kind of bizarre, humpbacked turkey - goes trotting off through some nearby scrub."

Crazy town I tell you.. Crazy town. I just can't imagine it. Coona just became 10% more awesome bringing it's awesome rating to a total of 10% awesome!

Thank you Bowie.



Kathrzn Bahn said...

mmmmm... the life aquatic, and Bill Murray telling that old autograph scab to 'get out of here' and then that bit where he just says, "Do you think he remembers me?" Oh it breaks me up everytime.

Bowie in Coona - you guys are now officially the coolest team...imphab

kimmmoi said...

Wow, how fantastic. Uncanny resemblance to Paul Hogan...eeep.

"He's banal and facile, he's a fat waste of space. See his pug-nosed face. Pug, pug, pug, pug."