Saturday, April 4, 2009

I'm on a health 'bint'

I've figured out the way to perfect health! I've started telling myself as often as I think of it "I'm on a health stint." (Actually the word I want to say is 'Bint' But it's not actually a word meaning what I want it to mean.. The word I want is some sort of mix between 'Stint' and 'Binge'. So.. I'm my head I do actually say 'Bint' but for everybody else's sake I will say 'Stint'.)

Not for any particular reason.. The words just came into my head one day.


I wake up in the morning and go 'I'm on a health stint!!' and go find something to eat that proves the statement. I need to go down the street.. I think of driving the car when into my head pops 'I'm on a health Stint!' So I walk.

So far so good.


Kathrzn Bahn said...

the power of positive thinking strikes again...wrimp