Tuesday, April 7, 2009

cup bump

So I was lying in bed last night having a good old winge to God. It all began pretty normal, but I started getting a bit worked up you know like '...and while I'm at it blahblahblah!'. It escalated and I quickly became more irritated and irrational until it ended up like '..Rararararararara.. and rararrarara!.. So THERE! What do you think of THAT?!' and I sealed the deal by rolling over violently, thrusting the sheets around me as I did.. I was satisfied until a second later the heavy mug sitting on my bed head fell off and cracked me over the forehead!!!

and I swear I heard a voice say 'What do you think of THAT?'


Kathrzn Bahn said...

classic hanwen...isemanot

Jordan said...


Aidan Volkofsky said...

haha i wish god made tv

Jordan said...

Hannah, sorry but that's funny :-)i'm gonna be real careful what i say to God in future.