Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I don't know if it's the caffeine in my blood, that I filled out the St Albans Folk festival volunteer form and got pepped up or whether I got to drink Chai Tea this morning for the first time in ages.. But I feel excited about life today! I'm not usually un-excited.. But today I just feel zippy!

Actually I think it is MOSTLY due to spending some good time with Jesus this morning! Sitting out on the front verandah, drinking Coffee and eating Vegemite toast, reading Mathew. It seemed to me like the air was different, somehow grass was interesting.. The weariness and heavyness i'd been experiencing in the last few days wasn't bothering me so much. I just came away thinking about how amazing Jesus is.. Like something in my head was going 'Isn't he amazing??? I mean.. Really! Come on! He's incredible!' over and over and around and under and through my brain. It was really cool :)

I practically skipped down the street!

Anyway have to go