Monday, February 23, 2009

sydney no more

I won't be traveling to Sydney any more. While I'm glad the buisness I had there is finished, it does make me a bit sad.

I loved those monthy trips! Arriving late at night and wandering around Newtown, all colourfull and awake still at 11pm, on my way to a friends house. Or through Kings Cross, more colourfull still but strangely sobering, heading towards my favorite backpackers. There was a Cafe' just outside of this backpackers that I loved to go to.. THATS what I love about Sydney - Cafe's didn't close till 10. I'd sit there on my long black while they packed up around me, leaving at the last second.

This room I tried to get (because it was cheap) was big enough for a bed, a small fridge and a small TV. No windows, just a skylight. But I loved even THAT! I loved that it was cheap and I loved that I came home to a tiny, secure little sanctuary in Kings Cross.. Where nobody could even look in a window at me.

People would freak out when I mentioned I was staying in Kings Cross. I'm either brave or stupid.. Because I never felt too worried about being there alone.

And, for mobility, Trains.. Always, everywhere, Trains. (I feel like train journeys are somehow linked to my deliverance! It was through my love of train trips I ended up in Canowindra.. And my time in Canowindra changed my life. ) The interesting people on the trains, the full carriages completely silent, everybody plugged into Ipods or whatever. I was in a bus once where every single person, except this little old lady, had headphones in their ears. I was wondering what she was thinking and I was imagining what I would be thinking- 'What the hell happened?'

Anyway.. I've been sitting here for ages. I'm going to leave it at that.